Trainer: Laurence Sabiti - Mavungu

Next date: 09 and 10 September


Calabash massage is one of the most famous African massages in the field of
massage therapy. Thanks to the Ethnika Holistic Center, we offer you the opportunity to
discover and learn an original escape massage technique. Calabash massage
is a therapeutic massage that has its origins in African holistic medicine and
has spread as far as the Caribbean. Its unique style requires 2 calabashes and
shea butter and is practiced on a massage table. The calabash message is a fusion of
massage techniques mixing relaxing hand massage and
calabash pressure point massage, it can also be practiced with a fi finish with a hot towel.



The calabash massage offers multiple benefits thanks to the mixture of the gentle kneading of the whole body with the hands and the heat and pressure of the calabashes on the length of the muscles. This massage gives you complete relaxation, soothes your tensions, body aches, muscle spasms, nervous tension, eliminates excess water and improves lymph circulation. A real moment of escape to o ff er your loved ones or your customers!

Course Map

During this introduction, you will learn the basic maneuvers of the calabash massage such as effleurages and kneading, the use of shea butter in massage therapy as well as the mastery of the calabash as a massage tool and ergonomics of movement for a safe practice.

Learning objectives

  • Explore the basics of the Calabash massage course
  • Learn how to oil and drape the body
  • Learn the basic maneuvers to offer a massage to loved ones

Materials required

  • Massage or single bed size sheet set (fitted sheet, flat sheet + pillowcases), hand towel (dimension: 12 inches x 24 inches / 30 cm X 61 cm), a
  • notebook + pencil to take notes.
  • Be dressed comfortably with short sleeves and have short fingernails.
  • Shea butter is provided by the Ethnika Holistic Center

Who is the course for?

Everyone (beginners and professionals accepted)




425$ (calabashes and manuals are included)